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Factors Affecting Ranking of a Website

As we know that any search engine especially Google checks a variety of multiple factors to determine the position of a particular site in its searches. These factors though being in hundreds can be categorized in multiple levels and brought to 3 main factors i.e. –

• Off-Site SEO (Visibility and Reputation of site in web )
• On-Site SEO (Content quality and Optimization of site )
• User Engagement (To determine user satisfaction )

We would be covering here the basic details of these three main factors and the multiple factors that come under these 3 categories.

Off-Site SEO

This here comprises of the link-building, online reputation management and social media presence mostly. Link-building as we all know is making links on different sites or acquiring them through content marketing or link outreach or sometimes even getting them naturally is very important factor as every search engine considers link profile as the main factor for its ranking and primary as well .Online reputation management is managing the presence of your site across different sites such that its visibility increases as well as its reputation also increases thus making it a brand and a well known name . Social media is an important tool today and is very effective in reaching targeted audience via different social platforms such that the social signals also are considered by Google as a factor of site’s authenticity and often helps if your site gets blacklisted by search engines.

On-Site SEO

This here comprises of the content, its quality, visual design of site, how well site is technically optimized and other small but important factors. After a site is ranked and visitors start coming onto the site , search engines start seeing and noticing their behaviour on site as well as how well our content converts and how much our site engages the user, also the loading speed and technical issues are a big factor and can change the ranking of a site very drastically. It’s best to keep the site as fast as possible and always use genuine bought themes and plugins. On-site optimization can be thought of 2 parts – on-page and on-site. On-page seo covers the optimization of content and its improvement while on-site seo covers the page speed optimization and the how well the site structure is optimized like whether canonical url structure and silo structure is used or not.

User Engagement

This is undoubtedly the most important factor that Google considers and can do wonders for your site alone but the problem with this is that you have to gain traffic first and for that you have to rank your site where the above two factors come into play. User engagement comprises of many factors like how much time visitor spent on time, how many visitors returned, how many unique visitors site got, how many clicks an average user made and much more. The whole purpose behind algorithms is to make sure that the user gets the best possible and most relevant content and site for its search query. In the end content is the king and user satisfaction is the kingmaker.
These were the primary main factors behind the ranking of any website which then comprises of many more detailed things for which there are numerous guides on Google which you can find on first page itself when you search above terms. Also the algorithms are constantly updating and in real-time as well now so what worked today may not work tomorrow so you need to keep updating yourself and stay a step ahead of Google.

Happy ranking!

Do let us know in comments your views.

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Link Building for a New Website

Most people are stumbled even before they can think of ranking their site or targeting visitors or start earning. Problem they face is how to even begin, exactly how to take the first step to build links to their site and make a plan and continue on it. Here we will be helping you all and telling you in shorts how to do link building for a new website.

Guest Posting

It’s one of the most effective ways of link-building and one of the surest way as well though a bit hard as compared to others. However here also you need to take care of quality and not just start throwing out guest posts to whoever accepts it. You need to check the quality of site and for the spam as well as the traffic stats also to make sure you get some of that as well.

Comment Links

This is another very effective way of link-building and counts heavily. Finding niche relevant blogs of your niche and then making a related comment on their articles including your blog post link is very effective but you need to apply the same filters here as well to make sure you aren’t doing spamming and making your site outreach effective .

Profile Links

These links are made by creating a profile on sites where profile creation is allowed like etc and adding the link to your site in the description as well as the website section. These type of links add very much value as they come from high authority brand sites and add good value to your site’s link profile.

Web 2.0

This is the secondary web where the shift is happening to dynamic content and much more. So many websites are shifting to a web 2.0 model of user functionality and user experience. Facebook pages, .blogspot blogs, weebly etc are just few examples of it .
Private Blog Network (PBN)

Considered somewhat blackhat SEO by many this is another popular way of link-building which is getting popular day by day as it requires least effort and is a great source of link juice as well as link diversity and can be controlled as par your wish , though a bit risky it gives great rewards. It consists of finding old expired domains which have link juice and then building a sort of mini blog on them and taking a link from them which can be any contextual link, sitewide link or even redirection. This isn’t allowed by Google as it’s considered diluting the quality of web but many do it, it’s an old practice to rebuilt blogs and use them. It’s the new age version of it and is used very aggresively in link building.

All these are the major link building techniques used and should be applied for a new website. Also they can be used in a specific manner also which is called tiered link building and amplifies their effect.

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5 important OnPage SEO Techniques in 2016

On page SEO is no longer a mere formality, it has become a key factor to determine site’s ranking amongst other factors. Here we will be covering the basics of on page elements that were overlooked before and bring to you some new not so much secrets of ranking without use of link-building.

Title Element

Your main keyword should be in the title element; it doesn’t really need to be H1 but needs to be matched with the page headline. As we don’t want the user to click the back button just because title and headline are mismatching.

Page content, external anchor links, alt attributes, and URL

You want your keywords in page content obviously not stuffing though making it genuine looking and feasible. Also in the external anchor text when you can control it. Also in all the attributes of the visuals or images that you have in site as well as in the URL also. Importance order of these elements is: Content>External anchor>Attributes>URL.

User engagement

Main purpose behind all this originally is to fulfil user demand and provide a good experience so as to ensure re-visit. It’s often tough since user is often not clear as to what he really wants so we must provide an optimal content for him to go through. Thrive content is one such software which works great for this.

Speed & Technical Optimization

One of the key ranking factors for Google is the site loading speed. Albeit being a small factor this affects ranking of site directly as it’s a key factor in user satisfaction. Also the themes and plugins etc should be properly optimized so as to avoid any issues at all.

UI, UX, and branding

These factors are also very important as they focus on being mobile-friendly to give multi device adjustment so that user can view anywhere. User interface and User experience are very important as they are a major part of user satisfaction which is the core behind on page SEO. Also branding is one of the key factors as it establishes an image for user as well as Google.

These are the major factors in 2016 for on page SEO. Do let us know what you think in comments.

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