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5 Local SEO Techniques To Turn Your Business Into Success

Whether you sell products or services, have a single store or a chain – a local SEO strategy is an aid to every business when it comes to attracting new prospects and turning them into existing customers.


The local battlefield on Google is constantly changing. And unlike many other mediums, local results have suffered some big changes over the years. Therefore, getting a business listed on the first page of Google is a tough pill to swallow for many. Which brings us to the question…

What does it take for a business to improve its local SEO rankings?

Nowadays, Google’s focus is on utmost quality more than anything else. That being said, your business will only get the ‘first-page credibility’ if it tailors to the latest SEO signals. Today, we are sharing five great ways to make your local SEO count – and dominate Google’s first page.

1. Highlight Your Unique (Local) Value

If you run a local business, your existing customers certainly like you because of the top-shelf personalized service you offer to them. In fact, customers choose local businesses over nationwide known brands with chains because of this reason.

Treating your customers fairly, providing them the care and value of service they deserve and always delivering quality work are the general terms to describe value. This value can be well mixed with your SEO strategy. Wondering how?

First of all, you should make sure that your business gets out of the comfort zone a bit. For example, if you have a car repair facility, your website content should include description terms which are unique – such as ‘the best car repair in XXX,’ ‘top-quality vehicle repair,’ ‘fast and reliable’ etc. Aside from that, make sure to include your local information everywhere from your meta descriptions to landing pages and other websites. Customers love quality local businesses, and your location is your biggest weapon.

2. Aim For 100% Customer Satisfaction Online

Let’s face it – websites like Yelp, Trip Advisor, and Yellow Pages have been very successful and providing value to every user. Yelp, for example, has been dominating a lot of local search pages since it provides accurate information about every business. If your business is on Yelp, online reviews will help you. Well, at least if you have lots of them.

In case you are short on positive reviews, start asking your customers to rate your service. Not only you’ll be striving to become better in their eyes, but they will also definitely evaluate your business in a nice way. Positive reviews are the key to better optimization – and many new customers.

The bottom line is, such websites are the best press you will ever invest in since they are based on honesty – directly from the keyboards of the customer.

3. Leverage The Power Of Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are all one-stop-digest destinations for every one of us. Social media has been dominating the digital space over the years. We communicate, read the news and share information on social media every day. Which brings us to the fact that it is a place your business needs to put its focus.

In reality, many small businesses are trapped in the world of social media – failing to update their pages and profiles. This sends a wrong message to the user. On the other side, being consistent with your social media posts will help you gather the virtual – and actual likes of your local audience.

4. Create A Virtual Presence That Fits Every Screen

What’s the chance for an average user to hop on to your website from your social media page or Yelp review?

Very big.

Nowadays, people use smartphones more than desktop computers. We all have them in our pockets and use them for everything. They are small, fit everywhere and have everything our computers have – in a packed version.

And that is why you should create a website which is responsive and mobile-friendly. The best part is Google loves mobile-friendly websites and will give yours advantage over your local competitors.

5. Exploit The Power Of Email Marketing

Email marketing is not dead. For local customers, it is among the best tools to use.

Why? Well, your local business has one strength over any other – the location. For the average user, it is easier to check out your offer or discount than ‘go the miles’ to another destination. People still check their emails on a daily basis, and a simple offer, discount or promotion sent with a friendly tone will make your audience even more attached to your business.

Email marketing will help you get noticed as well. If you connect and mix it with your other approaches such as social media and on-page SEO, it can do wonders.

LucidCrew SEO Austin is one of the perfect examples of a digital marketing agency that knows how to deal with local SEO and many more aspects of online marketing world. Make sure you check it out!

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Tips for Hiring the Best SEO Firm for Your Business

Are you facing a problem in hiring the best search engine optimization (SEO) firm to provide various online marketing services to your company? What most people do is, search on Google, “best SEO firm + the location” and then start contacting the firms starting with the ones at the top. If you too are following the same, better stop it! Every internet marketer, present online promises each of its clients to get them onto the first page of Google, this is however practically impossible. This makes all the more difficult to figure out which SEO firm to hire?

digital marketing

Would you ever hire a firm just because it has an impressive website or has worked for a lot of big names? Likewise, you need to look way beyond the actually superficial to hire the right SEO firm. To help you better, here’s how you may do it.

Decide what you actually need

Does your business require services like link removal, a one-time SEO audit, content marketing, PPC management, reputation management or any of the many services offered by most SEO firms? If not sure, better find it out! You may start by figuring out the job to be done that may include increasing the sales, rankings, or increase the brand value of a product. It is always good to have a goal or objective in mind by which you may be able to measure the success rate of your engagement with the SEO firm.

Get several consultations, while keeping them secret

Once you make up your mind about what you want, fix an appointment with an SEO firm (that you find reasonably qualified) and ask them to assist you in figuring out what you need to do for improved results. With no surprise, most of the SEO firms will greatly offer a free consultation as they know by doing so they have a chance to increase their clientele. This is, in fact, an excellent way to know if the firm is worth your business and do the people seem capable of meeting the required results.

Refer to case studies

When you are on a hiring spree for SEO firm, you certainly need the best one for your business. Without being able to see the future, you cannot judge what is good or wrong for the organization or how effective would the services of a firm will be. It is advised to ask for references of look at the previous work of the company so that you can get a brief introduction on how the company works.

Make the firm tell you stories

It is always great to know the success stories of the SEO firm you choose to deal with in the near future before deciding. Though it requires high creative skills, but once done, it delivers a unique experience. Stories are a great medium to get to know the truer vision of what the SEO firm is all about and how far it can go to do something unique. Make sure that the stories much include everything about their background, experience, and successes and failures.

Visit Your Business Digital which is one of the best digital marketing agency in Australia!

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What Is A Digital Marketing Agency And How Can It Help You?

Do you have a digitally-based business, in other words, a business that operates online, either directly selling goods to customers or acting as a conduit for potential customers? If you do, then you have probably found yourself having to compete with a multitude of other companies also on the internet that is trying to get noticed.

The best way to have your organization known over and above all these rivals, many with similar businesses to yours, is to by use the service of a marketing agency. The agencies ply their trade in the dig internet and usually consist of one or more consultants who set up an internet marketing campaign for you aimed at bringing your online company to the attention of search engines on the Web. As it is the search engines that will find and display your company in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), the agency you use will naturally base the internet marketing campaign they are doing for you on getting these browsers to notice your website.

However it may seem, making your website well known by search engines is not the actual aim of a digital marketing agency. Its underlying aim is to pull or push internet traffic to a specific website and to turn human internet searchers into customers of that specific website. Search engines are inanimate; it is the people who are looking at the list of websites displayed in the SERPs that count, and who are the ultimate targets of digital marketing. You, as the owner of a website, want to get these individuals to not only visit your site, but to buy goods from it, or to contact you about the services you offer, and this is what a digital marketer should be doing for you. They do this by applying certain techniques and processes in an online marketing campaign that they have recommended to you.

The combination of techniques and processes chosen for your campaign typically fall into three main categories: paid, unpaid or a union of paid and unpaid. Paid advertising, or Pay-Per-Click as it is often called, involves paying search engine directories to list a website. This is a guaranteed way of getting your websites into the SERPs and you will most likely see your site displayed in a matter of days. This is because the search engine directories are being paid to display your website.
Unpaid digital marketing, on the other hand, uses ‘natural’ or organic search engine optimization methods to create awareness about a website which is made to appear high up in the SERPs without the aid of paid listing. Of course, without the injection of cash, results are likely to take longer to show, but in the end, the result is the same as paid marketing. If your website ranks on the first page of the SERPs, you will get attention as this is the page searchers will look at with the most interest, regardless of whether paid or unpaid methods were used to get you there. Depending on your budget, the digital marketing agency working for you will employ either paid or unpaid method, or a combination of the two.

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Factors Affecting Ranking of a Website

As we know that any search engine especially Google checks a variety of multiple factors to determine the position of a particular site in its searches. These factors though being in hundreds can be categorized in multiple levels and brought to 3 main factors i.e. –

• Off-Site SEO (Visibility and Reputation of site in web )
• On-Site SEO (Content quality and Optimization of site )
• User Engagement (To determine user satisfaction )

We would be covering here the basic details of these three main factors and the multiple factors that come under these 3 categories.

Off-Site SEO

This here comprises of the link-building, online reputation management and social media presence mostly. Link-building as we all know is making links on different sites or acquiring them through content marketing or link outreach or sometimes even getting them naturally is very important factor as every search engine considers link profile as the main factor for its ranking and primary as well .Online reputation management is managing the presence of your site across different sites such that its visibility increases as well as its reputation also increases thus making it a brand and a well known name . Social media is an important tool today and is very effective in reaching targeted audience via different social platforms such that the social signals also are considered by Google as a factor of site’s authenticity and often helps if your site gets blacklisted by search engines.

On-Site SEO

This here comprises of the content, its quality, visual design of site, how well site is technically optimized and other small but important factors. After a site is ranked and visitors start coming onto the site , search engines start seeing and noticing their behaviour on site as well as how well our content converts and how much our site engages the user, also the loading speed and technical issues are a big factor and can change the ranking of a site very drastically. It’s best to keep the site as fast as possible and always use genuine bought themes and plugins. On-site optimization can be thought of 2 parts – on-page and on-site. On-page seo covers the optimization of content and its improvement while on-site seo covers the page speed optimization and the how well the site structure is optimized like whether canonical url structure and silo structure is used or not.

User Engagement

This is undoubtedly the most important factor that Google considers and can do wonders for your site alone but the problem with this is that you have to gain traffic first and for that you have to rank your site where the above two factors come into play. User engagement comprises of many factors like how much time visitor spent on time, how many visitors returned, how many unique visitors site got, how many clicks an average user made and much more. The whole purpose behind algorithms is to make sure that the user gets the best possible and most relevant content and site for its search query. In the end content is the king and user satisfaction is the kingmaker.
These were the primary main factors behind the ranking of any website which then comprises of many more detailed things for which there are numerous guides on Google which you can find on first page itself when you search above terms. Also the algorithms are constantly updating and in real-time as well now so what worked today may not work tomorrow so you need to keep updating yourself and stay a step ahead of Google.

Happy ranking!

Do let us know in comments your views.

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Link Building for a New Website

Most people are stumbled even before they can think of ranking their site or targeting visitors or start earning. Problem they face is how to even begin, exactly how to take the first step to build links to their site and make a plan and continue on it. Here we will be helping you all and telling you in shorts how to do link building for a new website.

Guest Posting

It’s one of the most effective ways of link-building and one of the surest way as well though a bit hard as compared to others. However here also you need to take care of quality and not just start throwing out guest posts to whoever accepts it. You need to check the quality of site and for the spam as well as the traffic stats also to make sure you get some of that as well.

Comment Links

This is another very effective way of link-building and counts heavily. Finding niche relevant blogs of your niche and then making a related comment on their articles including your blog post link is very effective but you need to apply the same filters here as well to make sure you aren’t doing spamming and making your site outreach effective .

Profile Links

These links are made by creating a profile on sites where profile creation is allowed like etc and adding the link to your site in the description as well as the website section. These type of links add very much value as they come from high authority brand sites and add good value to your site’s link profile.

Web 2.0

This is the secondary web where the shift is happening to dynamic content and much more. So many websites are shifting to a web 2.0 model of user functionality and user experience. Facebook pages, .blogspot blogs, weebly etc are just few examples of it .
Private Blog Network (PBN)

Considered somewhat blackhat SEO by many this is another popular way of link-building which is getting popular day by day as it requires least effort and is a great source of link juice as well as link diversity and can be controlled as par your wish , though a bit risky it gives great rewards. It consists of finding old expired domains which have link juice and then building a sort of mini blog on them and taking a link from them which can be any contextual link, sitewide link or even redirection. This isn’t allowed by Google as it’s considered diluting the quality of web but many do it, it’s an old practice to rebuilt blogs and use them. It’s the new age version of it and is used very aggresively in link building.

All these are the major link building techniques used and should be applied for a new website. Also they can be used in a specific manner also which is called tiered link building and amplifies their effect.

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